Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Out with the old, in with the new!

So I have decided I just need to start blogging in the present! Our New year started off with a bang, we had a killer virus that wiped out our computer and the geniuses that I took our computer to in order to be fixed replaced the hard drive without asking us and we lost all of our pics and information off our computer (we are working to retrieve them off our old hard drive), so never use stupid PC Laptops for anything! So I need to insert pics of Abby's birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. later so when I eventually make this beloved blog of mine into a book they will be in here somewhere.

This last month Jake has been traveling quite a bit in order to see all of his reps before the baby comes. They have been doing alot of reorganizing at his job and I am just grateful he still has a job, no matter how much he travels. Now that we are in February he is starting to feel spring fever big time and is pretty bored, the poor guy always is looking for something to do! Here is a picture of Abby playing while Jake cleaned out the garage, as you can see she is sporting her "thug" look.

As for our upcoming arrival, we have been getting the nursery ready--thanks to my awesome husband who has done the painting, assembling, etc.! We are pretty much ready for him to come, last time when I had Abby I waited until a week before she came to get everything wrapped up and I vowed I wouldn't do that again with another kid which I am glad I didn't wait because my energy level has gone way down! Last week they told me our baby boy was measuring 3 weeks ahead of schedule and was close to 6 lbs. already. Boy was I excited until I went in this week and my doctor told me she wasn't going to do take me any earlier than the 1st of March, which bummed me out because I was hoping for having a February baby instead. Don't they know never to tell a pregnant woman that she has the possibility of delivering early and then take it back?!? The baby is healthy which is good, and my belly is getting bigger by the day, and I am praying my belly will hold on and I won't get stretch marks (vain I know, but I can't help it!) Speaking of babies, I was able to throw a baby shower for Marci for the upcoming arrival of her baby boy in March and it turned out really fun! We missed some of our friends that went on the cruise, but it was really fun to see girls from college, high school and even elementary, and lets just say being pregnant with my twin sister makes it a lot better to go through!

Abby is getting funnier and sassier by the day. She is talking like crazy, and she continues to amaze me with the funny things that come out of her mouth. For example she will be doing something and adjust something and say, "That's better!" Or she says, "It's really stuck Mom," or "It really hurts Mom." Also her new favorite phrase is, "Give me that Mommy!" when she wants something, and then another one that she throws out when I ask her to do something is "What?" like she has no idea what I am talking about. We are talking an awful lot about Tate her baby brother that is coming, and I think she is starting to realize it more and more that she will be a big sister, but I am sure she has no idea how it's going to rock her world! Although today she came up to me and gave my belly a hug and said, "I love you Tate." which melted my heart. Abby loves to sing, especially her ABC's, loves to do puzzles and read books, and go over shapes and colors. She picks up on things so fast and its been really fun to watch her grow into a "big girl." When I look at her I can't believe that she is 2 because it feels like I was just pregnant with her, and it makes me a little sad that she will have to share the spotlight with a sibling, but on the other hand I am so excited to meet our little guy and watch our family grow!
I swear time flies at warp speed when your are an adult, here are some pics to enjoy!

Marci and I belly to belly, technically our due dates are 10 days apart. Some friends at the showers we had for Marci.

Here is the best and worst of Abby: After church a couple of weeks ago (she did have a little coat to go over this dress) and Abby showing that I am not the only one that has had trouble sleeping lately, this is a pic of Abby at 2 in the morning when she wouldn't go to bed. You gotta love the hair!

Jake loved to lay by the heater as a child and now Abby loves it too,
whenever she hears the heater kick on she says, "The heater's runnin!" and goes
and sits on it with her blanket. Of course it makes her mad when Daddy isn't always around to sit by the heater with her but her Daddy is so proud he has passed on the tradition.