Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tate loves the jumperoo!

I know I have been a slacker with blogging lately, and I have a lot to blog about with pics of everything that we did this summer, but I wanted to put this video on of Tate in his Jumperoo. We put him in it last week and after a few times, he started to get it. He will be 6 months in a week and a half, and I can't believe it! He is wearing 6-9 month old outfits, and even some 12 month outfits. He has been so fun and lovable!

p.s. the picture quality isn't great because it came off Jake's cell phone, and if you listen closely you can hear Tate squeal as he is jumping.


Chris, Deb and the Ava Jayne said...

Colton has that same one. He loves it, and one time, Simon got to use it and he went CRAZY!

Love Fam said...

That is so cute, I never did have one of those for my other kids, I may just have to invest in one for my others. He is so big.

Lacey said...

Tate is such a stud! This video is precious. Hope you are doing well. Wish we saw you more often. Did you ever sell your care?

Lari Roque said...

Hey Allison,

I finally took the plunge and created a blog. For the most part because of Zach's mission. I don't have your email address, so here is the address to the blog if you want to view it.

Love you, Lari

Ashlee said...

what a cutie! He's getting so big!