Saturday, February 9, 2008

Our curious little one

As Abby has gotten bigger she has discovered new and interesting things that she can explore a.k.a get in to. Examples of this would be my makeup tote in the bathroom (I am still missing a brush and some eye shadow, that I have yet to locate any where in the house), our dresser drawers that I open when I am putting laundry away, she promptly reaches into the drawer and rapidly tosses the clothes out over her shoulder, and finally her most favorite item: the stereo in the kitchen. For months, she never even noticed its existance, but now that she realized that is has buttons and makes noise, it's her new favorite toy. I have tried asking her to not touch it, but she just can't resist. Here are some pictures of her mischieve then smiling at me when I caught her in the act, I swear she thinks that cute little grin will get her out of any trouble she gets in to!

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York and Jenny Cooper said...

Oh how it's just the beginning! It would be hard to tell her no with that smile! She is so cute.