Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Playing Outside on President's Day

Jake had Monday off for President's Day and because the sun was shining we decided to clean out the garage.....and by "we" I mean mostly Jake. But we realized that it was the first time Abby got to play outside since she has learned to walk because she started walking during this long winter of ours. It was so cute because she just kept walking around exploring things, and her hands and nose were getting cold, but she would throw a fit if I picked her up and tried to take her inside to warm up.

Jake also took her for a ride on the 3-wheeler and she really didn't know what to think of it. She was alright at first but by the time he came back down the street she was not a happy girl. According to Jake, we are going to need to get her used to riding with Daddy, because he wants to take her out for rides this summer.

All in all we had a great day and got a lot done, and Abby couldn't have been happier, although I could do without the tantrums when I say it's time to go into the house (I didn't think those started this soon!) We hope everyone enjoyed President's Day as much as we did!


Maggie said...

She looks so cute in her little hat! We miss the snow here in Lemoore. Enjoy some for us, okay!

York and Jenny Cooper said...

Isn't it funny how when the sun comes out and it's say 45 degrees, it's warm enough for me to go to the park?? If only there was no snow. I'm so ready for summer! She looks so cute with her little hat on and red nose!

Blaine and Lindsay said...

Hey Alison! It's Lindsay (used-to-be Skidmore) Hickman. It is so fun to see your blog. Your little girl totally looks just like you! Good to see you!

Britt and Cody said...

Hey Al!
So, I jumped on the band wagon and got a blog. It is thehassonfam.blogspot.com
We miss you guys. Let's do something soon! Before we move! I just love Abby, she looks so cute in her little hat!

York and Jenny Cooper said...

Al, check out my blog...I tagged ya!