Saturday, June 20, 2009

Quick question for all of you out there

Jake bought me a fancy Cannon digital SLR camera for Christmas and I have still yet to really capitalize on using it to take great pics and see all the cool things it can do. I have taken a a lot of photos with it but I don't think they have turned out that great because I don't have a photo editing program like Photoshop or anything. I always see pics on other people's blogs and wonder how they get their pics to look so nice and polished. Plus I hear that some photo editing programs can help in doing digital scrapbook type stuff, so I just don't know what to get.

SO.... I am putting my question out into the great blogsphere for help: If you use a photo editing program, which one do you use and why? Also how much did you pay for it and do you think that it was worth what you paid and/or in hindsight do you wish you would have gotten another program?

Any comments and suggestions you can leave me would help me tremendously.......Thanks!


Tew Family said...

Hey Allison, what a great question. I LOVE Photoshop Elements. I originally got the program to help organize my photos and then found out that it did all of the editing stuff. I use it to do all of my digital scrapbook stuff. I paid about $50 for it, I got it at Costco. You can try it for 30 days for free if you download it from the Adobe website. Try it out, if you don't like it you can always try something else. I would recommend it to everyone!! Hope this helps!! Heather

The Kotters said...

I would recommend a step higher then elements and go photoshop (the latest version is CS4). Its quite expensive, but if you know someone who is in college, you can use their student discount and get ALOT off! I think it ends up being somewhere around $400 after the discount... But if you are only looking for simple editing such as redeye, and cropping, elements is great. If you want to do really cool things to your pics, you have to go with a higher program such as CS3 (which I have) or the latest version, CS4. If you decide to go with that, learn about, or ask me about actions......they are AMAZING!!! and anyone can use it and make your pic look like a professional edited it, with just one click of a button!!

Good luck! and congrats on baby!!


and amenities said...

Hey Allison,

I really like to use Adobe Lightroom. I bought mine off ebay, I think for like $180 or something . . . can't remember, but I use it a lot to do color manipulation, etc. You can't do photo manipulation in it though. But love it for changing colors and making pictures pop. There are preset actions you can get on the internet for it too. I just have elements for my photo editing, but haven't really used it much yet. Anyway, check ebay before you buy anything. I usually just buy the version before the newest one and it still works great and costs a lot less.

Laurie (sorry, my posting name is all wierd)

Eddy and Tiffany said...

I'd have to agree with Chelsea's post. Adobe Photoshop is the best once you figure out how to use it. I use it with photos I take at home and edit them to make them look like they were done in a high-end studio. It's a fortune, though, but if you know someone with a Mac, and you have a mac, they can give you the program for free if they have it. Don't know if that's legal though :)

Daughter of God said...

Like all of the others photoshop is the best. But there are free ones on the internet that you can download on your computer. Gimp is a free one. It is the closest to Photoshop. Some people call it the 'poor mans version'. :] There is also Picasa. These two are the best if you don't want to pay for photoshop. I used them for years before I bought photoshop. So If I were you I'd start there.
have fun!
Amy VanDyke Young :]