Sunday, June 8, 2008

Cute Carter!

Our friends Max and Jodie Wilson have a fantastic little boy, Carter, who is the sweetest friend to Abby. We just celebrated his 4th birthday with them and it got me thinking to how cute Carter is. He is a very bright and funny little boy ( I credit his parents for that) and he is probably too smart for his own good, but he makes up for his mischievousness with his handsome looks and hilarious personality. Max and Jodie joke that they want Carter to marry Abby one day, but the way it's going he loves her more like a sister. He always wants to give her gifts and kisses, and play with her, which is a big deal because he doesn't do that with everyone, and the Wilson's love to spoil Abby which is so kind of them! Countless times they have given her cute outfits that either Jodie or Carter have picked our for and brought them over, and they volunteer to watch her for us all the time, which makes us so grateful for their generosity. I hope the Wilson's and especially Carter know how much we love him, and boy does Carter love Jake. He wants to talk about baseball or hunting with him and practically treats Jake like his hero which makes Jake feel good. It's nice to have friends that we can enjoy their kids and they can enjoy ours!
Here are some pics of Carter when he camped with Max and Jake(notice his cute messy face), of him and Abby playing together, and the outfit that Carter picked out for Abby. So cute!


daiseymae said...

How cute, You never know sometimes they come home from their mission and realize that their "sister" is all grown up and beautiful and they are already best friends so it all works out in the end. You could be watching you future son-in-law grow before your eyes.

Maxwell said...

Thank you so much for saying all those sweet things about Carter on your blog (it alleviates some of my own guilt for not having my own family "blogspot"). I love the pictures. Carter loves Abby so much and I'm so happy you allow my stinky, wild, and totally "BOY" kid in your house!